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lockieholmes's Journal

Lockie Holmes
23 October
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I'm Isabella. Call me whatever nickname you wish, whether it be Izzy, Bella, Bells, Sab, Ella, Charlie, Fizzball or Badger :P I have no preference.

I live in Scotland (SCOTLAND IS AWESOME!) and therefore am British. Sherlock: Obviously. Me: Shush you.

I have a love of intelligent, humorous and odd television shows, mainly sci-fi shows or crime dramas such as Doctor Who(Whovians ftw!), Firefly, Knight Rider, Torchwood, Lie to Me, The Mentalist, Castle, Chuck, NCIS, etc...

I'm a artist, writer, singer and musician at heart who hopes and dreams to work in the television and film industry.

Be warned, if you haven't already gathered it from what I have already told you, I am very nerdy and nerd music is what I shall be creating and singing :P

'Scuse me while I get some ice tea :)

☆ Nerd
☆ True Whovian
☆ Irregular
☆ Sherlockian
☆ Browncoat
☆ Lightman Institute
☆ Cumberbitch
☆ Smithian
☆ Infinite Monkey
☞ 1 of 2 founders of Smigillansm
☞ Merlinian
☞ Fanfictioner
☞ YouTubee
☞ Musician
☞ Artist
☞ Antique Collector